Jonathan Sinclair

Jon teamed up with us in early 2015. Being a nature enthusiast, Jon especially believes in providing and protecting water. He is actively participating in the development of our brand to help it become more socially and environmentally conscious. Jon is an avid outdoorsman, fellow entrepreneur, and excellent photographer. Jon won the Photo Life Magazine's Emerging Photographer of the Year Award in 2010, and continues to produce stunning photographs from around the world. Check out Jon's website, or head over to his Facebook and Instagram pages to follow along on his journeys. 

Jennifer Fast

Jennifer joined as a brand ambassador in late 2015. Jennifer is a professional photographer from Calgary, Alberta who specializes in lifestyle & portraiture photography with her company, HelloLuv Photography. Like us, Jennifer loves the outdoors! Living within such a close proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountains allows Jennifer to develop her passion of photographing nature landscapes. When not photographing people and places, Jennifer also enjoys designing and coding websites, graphic design, hiking, fishing and planning her next adventures. Head over to HelloLuv Photography's website and Facebook page and check out Jennifer's images on Instagram.


Michael Kearns

Michael teamed up with us in late 2015.  Many of Michael's adventures involve water - from the frozen waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies, to the flowing rivers and lakes of Canada, Michael never passes up a chance to get out and explore. 

In 2014, Michael co-founded Canadian Charity Adventurers, a non-profit organization focused on bringing people together through adventure and charity. Their last project, The Paddle for Wishes, raised over $32,000 during the summer of 2014.  Look for an exciting new project coming Summer 2016.  

Michael feels lucky to call Canmore, AB his home!  As a new father, Michael is looking forward to sharing his love for the outdoors with his son.  Check out Michael's organization, Canadian Charity Adventurers (website coming soon), and Instagram accounts below!