Watered Down Apparel started in 2015 with an ambitious goal: establish a socially and environmentally conscious brand focused on providing and protecting water.  

We are made of water; water connects us all, and water covers 70% of the planet.  Yet, of the 2.5% of fresh water available on the planet, only 1% is easily accessible.  To this day nearly one billion people across the globe lack the ability to access clean drinking water on a daily basis.  The fierce competition for water will only become more apparent in years to come, with many estimating the number of people unable to access clean water will double in the next ten years.  Equally as imperative is the increase in contamination of the world's rivers, lakes, and oceans. Every day billions of tons of garbage is disposed of in our waterways; every day more species become closer to extinction due to oil spills, or contaminants in their water; and every day we use more of the limited fresh water available to us.


Today, we are working with clean water projects here in CANADA to help provide clean, safe drinking water to First Nations communities. 

We have the tools and the power to create change in the world.